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JPS has been working closely with a good number of architects over a number of years to help specify and ultimately install JPS partitions systems. all of our positioning systems come with fire certification and for Peace of Mind a system warranty.

JPS60FS Jumbo Stud Partition Systems

JPS60FS Jumbo Stud Partition Systems

JPS SYSTEM Features:

  1. Height range: 2 m ~ 20 m
  2. 60 minutes fire rating backed by Warrington Fire Certificate
  3. Sound deadening acoustic Rating = from 54dB
  4. Made from recycled materials 
  5. Speed of installation 
  6. Applied Wind Load: from 0.341 kN/m2
  7. Wind Load Factor from 1.4
  8. No limit to the length of the wall
  9. Finishes: Industrial, Smooth or smooth painted
  10. Cladding Material = JPS Robust Performance Board
  11. Robustness = Server Duty
  12. U-values = from 0.35W/m2k to 0.18W/m2k 
  13. No need for plywood backing!
  14. Alternative to block work wall!
  15. Foundations = No need for expensive foundations  (concrete slab only)
  16. No need for expensive structural Hot Rolled Steel supports 
  17. Security options
  18. Can withstand moisture
JPS60FS Warehouse Partition Systems
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JSP 60FS Jumbo Stud Partition Systems Price Guide

Table Notes:

* Powered Access Cost – Delivery costs from £125 per machine / Collection costs from £125 per machine.

** Telehandler Cost – Delivery costs from £145 per machine / Collection costs from £145 per machine.

The above table is a price guide, please contact to receive accurate fixed price quotation at no obligation. Price is excluding VAT.